KitKat Dark

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There is a god after all. I’ve pontificated on before about the wonders of dark chocolate and yet I’ve always been partial to the odd KitKat or seven.

Classic or chunky, they’re both good but to see it now available in dark chocolate…! As Homer says, Whoo Hoo!

KitKat Dark

Sure, Nestlé’s definition of dark in this instance is a minimum of 40% cocoa solids, but that’s a mere quibble in the KitKat world and not worth getting into a Dark Side Snoot about. What is cheekier is their claim – as they do on all dark chocolate products available in Australia – that it is a source of antioxidants. Yes, their chocolate bar might be a ‘source’ but you’d need to eat a bucketful to get the right amount and then you’d have bigger problems than a lack of antioxidants.

KitKat Dark

These are perfect. Simply sensational. Glossy, attractively dark with a sweetly fragrant odour that hits you as soon as the packet is open. Add to that introduction the perfect ‘Snap’ sound as each row is broken off and you’ve found yourself in snack chocolate heaven. KitKat have always done a decent wafer, and this one is no let down. It’s cracklingly crisp and literally ‘sings’ to the solid dark chocolate on the outside. Ten out of ten, Nestlé.

However, the only negative I can see is that they’re a mere 45 grams (a Mars Bar tends to be 60 grams), which has always left me wanting more with their classic milk chocolate variety and thus is made even worse with this magnificent improvement. That is, until my daughter helpfully pointed out that it is also available in 200g family sized blocks (or single reviewer-size, as is my personal preference) at our nearest supermarket. The stars have well and truly aligned.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I would just like to point out this:
    – 2 years ago and 52% cocoa solids… finally, we beat the aussies at something. 🙂

  2. Oh, I just love the dark KitKat! I’m surprised you didn’t have those in OZ before. Well, now you’ll need to make up for the long and painful absence… 🙂

  3. Tara

    We’ve had these in Canada for years as well! Delish.

  4. I love that, because of the dark chocolate, it makes an already amazing chocolate bar seem that much higher quality. yum

  5. Christine

    Oh! I’d heard this was out but couldn’t find it in my local Coles last night when doing the weekly groceries. I’ll be keeping my eye out for this one…

  6. Dee


    I’m a bit scared though – I was very excited when white Kit Kat came out, because it combined two of my favourite things (white chocolate and Kit Kats), but it was awful. I can’t go through that disappointment again.

  7. Dee, trust me – you won’t be disappointed.

    I’m only disappointed that we here in Australia seem to be the last country on earth to get them!

  8. Where are these available?? I haven’t seen them!

  9. Julie, I’ve found them in Safeway (Woolworths) in Victoria, which means they’re probably now also in Coles….. then, the entire nation! (I hope)

  10. cf

    I thought these would be good, but they’re horrible! Its the illusion of “dark chocoloate” – it tastes like wax. What a tease. Dark choc is my fave WHEN IT TASTES LIKE REAL CHOCOLATE. These are far from it. I’m sticking with the KitKat milk chunky version – it still tastes like chocolate (well, what mass-manufactured candy bar makers refer to as chocolate).

  11. river

    I’ve always found the milk chocolate KitKats a bit too sweet, so I’ll be giving these a try.

  12. Cormac

    man, I got one of these today and one of the fingers was completely chocolate, must have been a mistake.
    It was awesome.

  13. Marcee/IL

    Looks ok in pic …. but, might be overly sweet, even bitter. Will try if we can locate a few. Dark chocolates give me migraine headaches. Love it unfortunately. I do agree w/”River” re KitKat mc, ohh-ugh-ugh, just waaay sweet these days. WHY? Did Nestle change recipe? Must have. Okey-dokey, eat some candy folks! Verrry ood for us ~ LOL! (Growing up, our grandparents owned a soda shop/candy-store in the 50’s & 60’s …. what a blast.

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