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Here’s another variation on the chocolate + caramel theme that seems to be popular these days.

Aero Caramel consists of layer of ‘bubbly’ Aero chocolate topped with a layer of caramel and all wrapped in smooth milk chocolate. The top of the bar gives the impression it can be divided into chunks, but the dividing lines and ‘Aero’ logos are really just there for show.

The bubbles are much smaller than they are in a normal Aero – almost the same consistency as the old Cadbury Wispa. I think I actually prefer this, as it gives the impression of lighter, whipped texture, without feeling you’ve been cheated into buying something that’s mainly fresh air. Makes a nice change from solid chocolate.

Having said that, the chocolate here is decidedly average. It’s not offensive by any means, but it’s certainly nothing special either.

The caramel is so thin that it started to flow out all over the wrapper when I bit into it. And it tastes of… well, nothing but a whole lot of sugar. One of the reasons I like Galaxy Caramel so much is because the caramel has flavour to it, but this is really just a sickly sweet goo.

The overall effect is a very sweet, very sticky chocolate finger. If you’re looking for an instant sugar rush, give this a go, but this bar doesn’t have much else to recommend it.

I didn’t even bother with the instant win promotion. Annoyingly, the web site wants all kinds of personal information before it will let enter the promotional code.


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  1. Yes, normally I like Aero varieties, but his Caramel version is a touch too sickly for me. And v. messy with the runny filling. I’d eat it if it was given to me, but I probably wouldn’t buy one for myself.

  2. sheila vidler

    I thought I had seen Aero filled chocolate rabbits advertised on television. Is this correct and if so where can I buy them. I live in TN2 5LL. Thank you.

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