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Milka Alpine Cream

Creamy milk chocolate with a creamy filling.

Thorntons Summer Collection

If you’re a regular Chocablog reader, you’ll know that I’ve never given Thorntons products rave reviews. With the recent influx of high end chocolatiers and the popularity of proper chocolate, Thorntons often seem to be left behind, stuck in the …

Filthy Food Seductive Strawberry & Cream Bites

Time to cast my eye (and mouth) over another offering from the Filthy Food Company. As you may already be aware, Filthy Food have done a deal with Sainsbury’s in the UK and you can find their fresh cream filled …

Filthy Cheeky Chocolate Bites

It wasn’t so long ago that I reviewed a box of Filthy’s Kinky Crème Brûlée Bites, and I was less than complimentary about them, to say the least. Well, such is the power of Chocablog that the lovely PR Madames …
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