Conscious Chocolate – The Fruity & Flowery Ones

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Continuing my comprehensive review of the entire Conscious Chocolate range, we reach bars number seven and eight.

First up, ‘Love Potion Number 9’ – the only chocolate bar I can think of that has been named after a classic 60’s pop ditty.

Love Potion

This bar contains Organic Otto Rose oil and Maca (the South American root which can allegedly perk up your libido).

If you recall (or look back at) my review of the Superfoods bar you will see that it too contained Maca, and that I mentioned it having a somewhat earthy taste. Well, this bar has a similar taste, so I can put it down to the Maca. I’m guessing that this is showing up on my palate differently to other people, as my tasting friend was more than happy to dig in, whereas I find the earthy, rooty taste doesn’t sit to well with the lovely chocolate base.

Next up is the Goji & Coconut Delight

Goji & Coconut Delight

This another bar which has ‘bits’ in it. In this case, flakes of coconut and fragments of Goji berry, and again the texture and flavours of the added ingredients sit beautifully with Emma Jackman’s Best Ever Plain blend. Break a piece of the bar and you see lovely deep pink pieces of Goji berry and tiny flecks of white from the coconut. Pop it in your mouth and chew and the extra ingredients lend the chocolate a lovely fruity, chewy texture.

Like the Citrus Zest bar, this one ranks in my top three so far. The additional ingredients are an excellent choice. They sit well in the chocolate and add a splendid twist on the original flavour of Conscious chocolate’s Best Ever Plain. If I were in a shop and faced with the entire range it would be this one and/or the Citrus Zest I’d be reaching for.

However, we still have another two bars to review, so all that could change.

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