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Original Beans Papua Kerafat

A new bar from Original Beans.

Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest

The tasting notes were as concise as the ingredients list - cognac, raisins, honeyed black tea. The cacao flavours are light and fruity, and the sugars do indeed give off this amazing rush of light honeyed sweetness.

Original Beans Selection

To make sure that I have a fair look at the Original Beans Cru Virunga, I’ve been sent a second bar, along with the two other bars in the Original Beans range. Tearing open the new Cru Virunga, I was …

Original Beans Cru Virunga

Note: Our sample arrived damaged due to no fault of Original Beans. Please see our updated review of the Original Beans range for a more balanced opinion. I have to say, I love the packaging design of this bar. Though …
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