Johan Bülow Lakrids ‘A’

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Johan Bülow Lakrids

Educated Chocablog readers will no doubt be aware that ‘Lakrids‘ is the Danish word for liquorice. I, however, am an uneducated twonk and had to look it up.

So as you might have guessed, this little jar contains Danish liquorice. But this being Chocablog, it can only be chocolate-covered liquorice pieces. I nabbed the jar from the recent Chocolate & Love tasting, after having scoffed the best part of a plateful during the the course of the evening.

Johan Bülow Lakrids

The first thing I noticed about them was the colour. They don’t look like chocolate or liquorice. They have a yellow-greenish tinge to them that frankly, doesn’t look particularly appetising.

Luckily though, they taste much better than they look.

Johan Bülow Lakrids

The liquorice flavour comes through the moment you pop one into your mouth, but the milk chocolate takes some of the edge off the flavour and gives it a subtle creaminess. At the chocolate tasting, even people who said they didn’t normally like liquorice were going back for more.

The liquorice does mask a lot of the chocolate flavour, but at the same time, the chocolate makes the liquorice a whole lot more interesting – not to mention incredible addictive.

Having said all that, I would categorise these as “posh sweets”, rather than serious chocolate, although there may be liquorice connoisseurs out there who disagree. At £5.95 for a 175g jar, they’re not priced like sweets, but I still think they’re worth it.


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  1. Jean

    Yum! Those sound like the perfect treat.

  2. Great post, and they do sound pretty good!

  3. Marion

    I recently tried this licorice on a recent holiday to Denmark and think it is the nicest choc coated licorice I have tasted.

  4. This stuff is addictive!

  5. ACO

    That’s actually how pure, powdered licorice looks. No dye involved.

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