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Orion Intense Blackberry

A 52% dark chocolate bar with blackberry pieces from one of Nestlé's eastern European brands.

Viva! Prague – The ‘Shock-olatier’

In Prague there is a chocolate shop called Viva! which sells fine Belgian chocolates, and it’s busy. Very busy. There’s a huge range of chocolate treats to choose from, but it was a sign one cabinet that started this review. …

Carla Čokoláda Dark Chocolates

This brand comes from the Czech Republic and is manufactured by a company called Carla (well I assume it’s a company and not just some horribly overworked Czech woman). As far as I can work out, the two bars use …

Gold Pralines of Prague

Gold Pralines have two shops in Prague. One is very close to the old town square, and sells a surprising variety of confectionery. Of more interest to Chocabloggers (well, this one in particular) is their range of handmade chocolates, some …
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