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Bloody &%$#@!& Cadburys! They are infuriatingly inconsistent with what they offer the average suburban chocaholic these days. They either do things extremely well (always dependable, good old Dairy Milk and their superb 70% Old Gold chocolate range), or put out frankly dodgy stuff that is just horribly wrong (and a big welcome and thumbs down to Desserts Boysenberry Shortcake, Fudge Brownie and Lemon Cheesecake).

And so it is with Flake ‘Luxury’. However, I must admit that the blame also lies with me. For some reason I must have selected this bar before lunchtime/my second espresso and therefore the ability to focus, read and reflect was sorely lacking. I thought that ‘luxury’ meant that this version was coated in dark chocolate with the original flake inside or vice versa.

No such luck, bugger it. It was just the bog-standard flake coated in a thin layer of Dairy Milk. No ‘luxury’ there that I could see and I’m sure it has gotten smaller than the original Flake I remember from child and teenager-hood.

Sure, Flake is an old classic and always tastes great – instantly and delightfully melts in the mouth, is pleasantly crumbly and it’s nice to lick your finger and pick bits out of the wrapper making the sensation last longer – but encasing it in the same chocolate and slapping on a gold wrapper does not qualify describing it in any way, shape or form as ‘luxurious’. That’s like having a slice of bread with cheese on it, and then putting the second slice of bread on top and calling it a ‘Michelen Star Sandwich’. I don’t think so.

‘Flake Neater’, maybe, but not very catchy from the marketing point of view. ‘No More Embarrassing Crumbs in your Crotch Flake’ is another more honest description but perhaps still not a complete winner from the consumer standpoint.

How about ‘Flake Fake – There’s nothing new or luxurious about it’ for complete honesty? Nah, it’ll never take off.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    How odd. Over here we have “Flake Dipped”. It’s not particularly luxurious but appears to be exactly the same.

  2. So what were you writing then? I can make out “child syndrome”, “Autumn”, “his father” (I think), “adding…details” and then 70% old gold. Most intriguing…

  3. anabels

    There is a Flake dark thing in NZ. Which is a regular Flake dipped in dark chocolate, from memory. Haven’t had on in a ge, they aren’t nice enough to bother with when you are dairy intolerant!

  4. Kerry

    That, my friend, is the equivalent of a UK ‘dipped’ flake

  5. Is the Flake Luxury / Dipped not just a big single finger Twirl?

  6. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Amanda: Technically a Twirl is made slightly differently, but the effect is almost exactly the same as one of these, yes.

  7. G’day Terry – in addition to living, breathing and dreaming all things chocolate, I also do other bits of writing. Such as a book, ‘Work/life Balance for Dummies’ (released in Australia in Feb this year and hopefully available in the UK next year); do book/theatre/CD/movie reviews for a local paper, appear on radio on a semi-regular basis and am trying to get a couple of other book ideas up and running. Or, you could visit my blog – click on my link here at Chocablog or go to to see what else occupies this tiny mind! 🙂

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