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For most of us, Cadbury is the faithful standby. The readily-available, ever-dependable, reliable old friend. Dairy Milk tastes nice. It’s not startlingly brilliant but it’s not saliva-suckingly awful either.

Every now and then, however, Cadbury Australia likes to develop a few new quirky flavours to add to the Dairy Milk range. They invariably fizzle out because, when the main ingredient is the same old Dairy milk chocolate, there’s a finite limit as to what you can do with it.

Thus, I present you with two blocks from their optimistically-entitled ‘Desserts’ range: Fudge Brownie and Boysenberry Shortcake.

Cadbury Desserts Brownie Cadbury Desserts Boysenberry

Let’s start with ‘Fudge Brownie’. To say that this flavour was a disappointment is rather like saying that Hitler was a bit of a grumpy bum. This sickly sweet, brown syrup inside the chocolate was about as comparable to a fudge brownie as Jordan is to natural-born beauty.

It was awful! The filling didn’t even taste like chocolate, let alone ‘fudge’ or ‘brownie’ – it might just as well have been sugar syrup with swamp mud mixed in for some authentic-looking colour.

In fact, it i rather tempting to report Cadbury to our nation’s Advertising Standards Council for being so blatantly untruthful in their advertising and labeling of this particular product.

Perhaps the rage and indignation will be quelled as we move on to the second ‘dessert’, Boysenberry Shortcake. Then again, perhaps not.

This Boysenberry bogus was almost as flavour fooling as the far-fetched ‘Fudge Brownie’. In reality it was a strawberry-like runny filling with what felt like tiny flakes of desiccated coconut inside. It was only after reading the back of the label that I found out those coconut bits were actually one per cent shortbread crumbs. Wow – a whole one per cent. Again, I’m wondering just how Cadbury can dare label something ‘shortcake’ when it comprises only one hundredth of the entire product. If they were going to be honest, they could have called it ‘same old strawberry with fiddly bits’, but I suspect it may not fly off the shelves as fast.

Cadbury Desserts Boysenberry

These two ‘flavours’ will fizzle out just like their other attempts have. People will be curious and buy them to try and, after one taste, won’t be buying them again.

Cadbury, get it through your heads – people buy you for your get-what-you-pay-for, safe-as-houses Dairy Milk, not your ridiculous attempts at new flavours which are, quite frankly, insulting to our taste buds and brain cells!


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  1. Simon

    Wonder what Cadbury’s chocolate makers would say if they tasted Lindt’s Petits Desserts?

  2. river

    You’re right. I bought these and the third variety, lemon cheesecake, and after one taste, I threw out the rest of the bar. I most certainly won’t be buying them again and I’ll be much more wary of trying anything new that cadbury brings out.

  3. Thanks for warning me, River. I have the lemon one sitting in my cupboard but, after the first two ‘flavours’ (I use the term very loosely), I’m not that excited about trying the third one. My bet is that they’ll be on drastic ‘special’ straight after Christmas and then never heard of again. Fingers crossed anyway.

  4. jamie

    I have never heard of these chocolates. i’ve heard of cadbury but not the desserts ones. hmm..maybe it’s just in austrailia that they are available.

  5. Amanda

    Boysenberry Shortcake – CRAP
    Lemon Cheesecake – LOVING IT
    Fudge Brownie – Haven’t tried it yet
    Creme Brulee – LOVING IT
    Tiramisu – Haven’t tried it yet

  6. Tanya

    tiramisu flavour was good
    didn,t mind the lemon cheesecake flavour
    i also didn’t mind the boysenberry cheescake either
    suppose it’s a matter of taste and if you like that kind of thing but don’t think i would give as bad a write up as that.
    Each to His Own….

  7. Some time ago, I had the good fortune to sample one of the Creme Brulee bars received via a Holiday Gift Basket. While the ingredient declaration did not settle well with me, the bar itself was actually quite good. It was so good in fact, that the next time I went shopping I tried to locate it in the International Foods section of a local supermarket. Unfortunately, there were none to be had that day, but I’m sure it will surface somewhere along the line.

  8. Alice

    Hello Not Happy! With Cadbury changing thier blocks from 250Gram down to 200 Gram they have made the block slimmer and now with one of my favourites Hazelnut instead of whole nuts you now just get lots of little chips of hazelnut It is crap!

  9. Nick

    Alice it is not only the hazelnut but all the nut varieties are just chips of nuts now instead of whole nuts. If they had to reduce the size due to costs fair enough but to change the product is just a stupid move. I bet when their sales drop because people no longer like their product the managers will just blame the global reseccion instead of their stupidity in changing the product.

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