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Nestlé KitKat 70% & Aero 70%

Well, this was a big surprise. It turns out that Canada, being the forward thinking country that it is, has taken it upon itself to pump up the cocoa solids in their KitKat and Aero bars to a whopping 70%. …

Aero Mini Egg

Earlier this week, Nestlé’s PR people got in touch to ask if they could send us some samples of their new Aero Mini Egg… and within a couple of hours of giving them the details, a courier turned up with …

Nestlé Tex

Here we have another South African offering. According to the wrapper, it’s “Rich creamy Nestlé milk chocolate with Aero® centre and filled biscuit wafers.” That’s a fairly lengthy description for a simple bar of chocolate, but once you bite into …

Nestlé Aero

We might be anticipating the return of Cadbury Wispa at the moment, but it’s only fair we take a look at it’s older, slightly less fashionable cousin, Aero. Like Wispa, Aero is simply chocolate with bubbles in it. But the …

Aero Bubbles

Mint flavoured Aero bubble balls.

Aero Caramel

Here’s another variation on the chocolate + caramel theme that seems to be popular these days. Aero Caramel consists of layer of ‘bubbly’ Aero chocolate topped with a layer of caramel and all wrapped in smooth milk chocolate. The top …

Mint Aero

Milk chocolate with a Mint Aero flavoured white chocolate centre.
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