Planète Chocolat Violette

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Planète Chocolat Violette

I picked this block up in Planète Chocolat on our recent day out in Brussels.

It’s a square bar, very similar in size and shape to the Thorntons blocks, although this doesn’t have the weight printed on the label. It cost me €5 (about £4.50), which is perhaps a little pricey, but these are handmade and hand wrapped blocks, so I don’t think that’s entirely unreasonable.

Planète Chocolat Violette

The front of the bar is embossed with the Planète Chocolat and is rather attractive, if a little rough around the edges. I think that just adds to the handmade feel and makes it more appealing, although the lack of any ‘chunks’ makes it quite hard to break into bite-sized pieces.

Planète Chocolat Violette

This is a 74% dark chocolate, just like the VizioVirtù Viola bar that Simon picked up in Venice earlier this year. The violet takes a similar form as well. – small “crushed parma violet” pieces studded into the back of the bar – although I think the VizioVirtù bar is prettier.

The chocolate is delicious. I don’t know where in the world it’s from, but it has a rich, earthy flavour with plenty of coffee notes. But it’s also quite sweet and not at all bitter. That sweetness is helped by the violet pieces, which are quite pleasant, but just don’t add enough flavour for my liking.

Perhaps it’s just memories of scoffing whole packets of over-sweet parma violets as a child, but I was really looking for more of violet ‘hit’ here – as much as a delicate flowery taste can be a ‘hit’. It really is a rather nice chocolate, but I found myself wanting just a little more than it could deliver.


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  1. Shimrit (Chocablog Staff)

    I was quite impressed by the fact that I actually enjoyed all the dark chocolate in the selection box we got on the trip. It must be the sweetness.

  2. Angel

    Planète Chocolat travaille encore le chocolat artisanal et c’est pour cette raison que leurs chocolat est tellement bon.

  3. John

    Planète Chocolat is an incredible place where you can discover the chocolate’s history by a funny way and to taste new surprising flavours.
    The chocolate is truelly amazing and it’s still hand-made. That’s why, for me, it remains so tasty!

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