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Plopp Saltlakrits

A a salty liquorice milk chocolate with a funny name.

Marabou ‘Aladdin’ Hjartan

Until recently I hadn’t been into an Ikea for quite some time, although apparently a trip to Ikea on a weekend is fast becoming a National Pastime. Well, whilst on a recent visit to source lighting, I had a nose …

Daim Bar

Daim is a little bar (28g) with a long history. It was developed in the 1950s by Marabou who were acquired by Kraft in 1993. The bar is now Kraft branded, although it is still made in Sweden. Until a …

Swedish Milk Chocolate Face-Off

Here we go with another choccy challenge. This time the contenders are both Swedish and both milk chocolate. The only difference is their pedigree and price. In the blue corner, the established contender – Marabou Milk Chocolate. Weighing in at …
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