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Marabou 'Aladdin' Hearts

Until recently I hadn’t been into an Ikea for quite some time, although apparently a trip to Ikea on a weekend is fast becoming a National Pastime. Well, whilst on a recent visit to source lighting, I had a nose around the food section and discovered that Ikea sell quite a range of biscuits, cakes, and confectionery and with next weekend being Valentine’s – as I’m sure the majority of our readers are aware – they’re selling these.

From the makers of Dime (now Daim) come these little milk chocolate praline hearts. Twenty in a box for around £3, and you can pick them up on the way out after you’ve bought a few boxes of self-assembly furniture or a new kitchen.

Marabou 'Aladdin' Hearts

Being ‘factory’ chocolate, the outer shell is very similar to their other products.. It’s sweet, slightly creamy tasting but without too much in the way of complex or distinctive flavours. Pleasant enough but relying heavily on sugar and smooth texture rather than any cocoa richness. The filling is a hazelnut praline and it’s smooth, rich and thankfully doesn’t add any more sweetness. The thick chocolate shell sticks around for a while after the praline has melted away, reaching a sugary peak before easing off into light cocoa notes. It’s a shame really – the only time I really tasted the cocoa was at the end.

A quick look at the ingredients and I see that 55.5% of the product is carbohydrates, and I’m willing to bet that a good amount of that is sugars. I have no doubt that Ikea will shift truckloads of these; a lot of people like their chocolate like they like their tea. Milky and sweet.

Not one to go out of your way for, but if you’re there next Sunday and you forgot the card, you may get to redeem yourself slightly with these.


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  1. Lemon Curry

    It looks like I Love Milka pralines rip off to me.

  2. Next weekend is Valentine’s? Then what was I doing last month!?

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Terry… er… we have a slight backlog of articles. 🙂
    (Of course, a good editor would have changed that, but I’m lazy)

  4. Simon

    No, a good Editor would have deleted “Valentines Day’ and inserted ‘Mothers’ Day’.

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