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I am quite sure that when a friend picked this up for me when he was in Sweden, he did it because of the name rather than thinking it was a chocolate experience I must have. And let’s face it, Plopp is a pretty amusing name so mission accomplished on that front. But what I didn’t expect immediately that was this particular Plopp was filled with something a lot less funny. Saltlakrits, or salty liquorice. The smile was instantly wiped off my face.

I have crossed paths with salty liquorice before and it didn’t end well. While I like liquorice, the addition of ammonium chloride does something rather unpleasant to it and I couldn’t finish it. And I suspected that might be the case this time too, but I was willing to go in with an open mind just in case the addition of chocolate took the edge off.

The bar itself looked rather mundane – from the outside, there was milk chocolate which was helpfully labelled at 25%, and it had a decent sheen to it too. But cracking open one of the squares revealed an ominous black liquid. I jumped in.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. The filling was a mixture of the salty liquorice and toffee, meaning it was a little sweeter than I expected and the saltiness was more subtle, only arriving at the end of the whole adventure. Or to put it another way, I survived and actually went back for more. The sweet and salty mixture wasn’t unlike all the various salted caramels I’ve had, but the addition of the liquorice added an interesting twist that was rather good.

That said, by the midway point the novelty was wearing off and by the end, I had decided that it was best enjoyed in small doses because the toffee was getting to that cloying stage and I was glad when it was all over. But I no longer suffer from saltyliquoritis (which I’m sure must be an actual medical condition…) and was able to look at the Plopp wrapper again and laugh. Oh those wacky Swedes…


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  1. I am Swedish and have lived here my whole life, and I still don´t get saltlakrits. I hate it. But I always loved Plopp (the normal flavor). I even had cravings for it during my first pregnancy. But it´s not for the quality…

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