Halloren Kugeln

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Halloren Kugeln

If you live outside of Germany, you may not have heard of Halloren, but they’re actually the oldest chocolate factory in the country. Based in Halle, near Leipzig, the factory opened in 1804, and originally made gingerbread.

The company is best known for these Kugeln (chocolate balls) which consist of a thin layer of chocolate and a soft marzipan-like filling. They come in many flavours, including these two seasonal variations; Plum-Rum and Eierlikör (egg nog).

Halloren Kugeln

The former has a thin coating of “full milk chocolate”, but there’s no cocoa percentage listed on the packaging. To be honest though, it doesn’t really matter as the chocolate is really just there to hold the filling in place.

That filling is soft, but lumpy. A little like a very soft marzipan, but with a strong alcoholic flavour and a lot of sugar. There is a pleasant fruitiness to it, but it’s really far too sweet for my liking.

Halloren Kugeln

The Eierlikör flavour is coated in a dark chocolate, but again, there’s no indication of cocoa content. The filling in this one is a little firmer, and flavour-wise seems a little less alcoholic and the Plum-Rum version. But it’s also a little less interesting and just as sweet.

Halloren Kugeln

There’s no doubting these little chocolate domes look fun, but they’re really only going to appeal to those with a very sweet tooth, and I suspect they only truly appeal to people in Germany who have grown up with them and love them. But if sweet, alcoholic confectionery is your thing, you can buy them online via the Halloren website.


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  1. Alexander

    “I suspect they only truly appeal to people in Germany who have grown up with them and love them” – this is a very large assumption. Halloren are actually very well known and respected and their flavours are quite numerous. I made friends with a german student who brought some to the UK and everyone who’s tried them is in favour of them. They also have more non-alchoholic flavours than not. the factory and museum are also a delight to visit 😉

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