Skelligs Brandy Plums

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It’s always lovely to come across a new company making something that’s not only a little different but also delicious. Even better when that delicious chocolatey treat has a more sophisticated, darker sibling, May I present Skelligs’ Brandy Plums? Hand made with dark chocolate, these little morsels come in the same package as their milky brethren, finished with a different ribbon and a tag that tells you exactly what to expect.

“Succulent sun dried plums marinated in brandy and smothered in rich dark chocolate”

At this point you’re either salivating a little or totally uninterested. I’m sure you can guess which camp I fall into.

These were (if such a thing is possible) even more popular than the Baby Figs. Unanimously lauded by all who tried them, the combination of smooth, rich dark chocolate and brandy works amazingly well.

In keeping with the reputation the Irish have for loving the odd tipple, these chocs pack a pretty good alcoholic punch. As soon as you pop one in your mouth you know you’re going to get a proper hit of alcohol, and as the fumes waft up into your nose and you bite down, the creamy filling which surrounds the plum induces Homer Simpsonesque levels of uncontrollable salivation.

The soft, squishy plum at the heart of every chocolate is the final payoff. As the chocolate and cream melt away on your palate, you’re left with the plum as a finale. Soft, fruity and loaded with brandy, they bring the whole experience to a very satisfying conclusion indeed.

These are another inspired creation from a company who clearly spend time experimenting with new tastes and love what they produce. As previously mentioned, the Figs have won prizes. If anything, these plums ought to garner The Skelligs Chocolate Company more accolades. Well worth ordering as a treat for yourself or someone you really, really like. My only complaint would have to be that the box wasn’t big enough.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Want. Want now. Give!

  2. glad you enjoyed them- these are my favourite skellig’s product! you will be relieved to know that they were awarded a gold great taste award too.

  3. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I haven’t read a blog before, but your’s is rich like the chocolate you describe. Thanks for introducing me to one of the finer things in life!

  4. Kath (Chocablog Staff)

    I. Am. Drooling.

    And. Very. Jealous!

  5. Áine

    Thanks so much for the glowing review, I’m an employee of skelligs chocolates and its gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I hear people saying nice things about the chocolates we make. All the staff in the factory are fantastic and really put in the effort to make the chocolates that little bit special and its all worth while when we get feedback like this. Thanks again

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