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The Oxford Companion To Food

A 900 page encyclopaedia of food.

Patisserie By William & Suzue Curley

A Masterclass in Classic and Contemporary Patisserie

The Bluffer’s Guide To Chocolate

Can this little book arm you with chocolate knowledge?

Cadbury & Fry Through Time

A new book that chronicles the history of Cadbury & Fry.

Couture Chocolate By William Curley

William Curley's beautiful new book.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate By Jean-Pierre Wybauw

Belgian Chocolatier Jean-Pierre Wybauw's latest book.

Willie Harcourt-Cooze’s Chocolate Bible

A book full of recipes and tales of chocolate adventure!

Chocolate Wars By Deborah Cadbury

A book exploring the history of the famous chocolate company.

Chococo Chocolate Cookbook

A beautiful chocolate cookbook from Chococo's Claire Burnet.

Book Review: Luscious Chocolate Smoothies

It’s not often we do book reviews here. In fact, we’ve only ever done one before – and that was a murder mystery. This is a little different; an 86 page paperback choc full of chocolate smoothie recipes. The book …

Book Review: The Chocolate Snowman Murders

Writing about chocolate naturally led to reading about chocolate. In this case, The Lady Of The House found “The Chocolate Snowman Murders”, by JoAnna Carl, at the local library. This seems to be one of a series, so I have …
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