Cadbury & Fry Through Time

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Cadbury & Fry Through Time is a new book by Paul Chrystal that chronicles the history of two of the biggest names in British chocolate. The book covers the complete history of both companies from inception to present day, but concentrates on the early period.

It’s a 96 page paperback book, but the most striking thing about it is the illustrations. It’s packed with around 180 wonderful advertising images, photos and documents, some of which may be familiar, but the vast majority are new to me.

With so many beautiful images, there isn’t a lot of room for text, but there’s enough to tell the story. Cadbury and Fry merged after the First World War, but the book looks at each brand separately and is divided into two chapters, one for each company. The format works well, but I found the images too distracting to read it from cover to cover, and had to keep flicking through the book, stopping to examine familiar images, brightly coloured advertising posters and fascinating photos.

This book is all about the illustrations, so don’t expect a detailed textual history of Cadbury or Fry. What you will get is a glimpse into the past and the humble beginnings of what became giants of the chocolate industry. Of course, both Cadbury & Fry exist only as brands of American food giant Kraft now, so for me the nostalgia is tinged with sadness, and a sense that we’ve lost this piece of our history forever.

Cadbury & Fry Through Time by Paul Chrystal is published by Amerbley Publishing. RRP £14.99


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  1. Looks like a good candy book, there are a few out there. Nothing wrong with being eye candy. I keep thinking “I Love Lucy.”

  2. Cadbury’s……..a very nice brand. Too bad they were brought out, Crunchies are the best bar ever!

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