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I’ve known Claire Burnet from Chococo for some time, so when the publishers of her first Chococo cookbook offered to send me a copy, I jumped at the chance.

The first thing to say about it is just how beautiful and colourful it is. The cover takes cues from Chococo’s packaging design, and inside is packed with photos. It’s beautifully laid out with each recipe and accompanying photo covering every page of the book.

The book starts with a brief introduction to how chocolate is made, the kinds of chocolate to buy, and what to avoid (anything with added vegetable fat). There’s also a brief guide on how to temper chocolate – something I tried and worked flawlessly.

There are 144 pages and more than 60 recipes, many inspired by Chococo’s own products. They’re categorised under ‘truffles & treats’, ‘cakes & bakes’, ‘cookies, biscuit cakes & drinks’, ‘desserts’ and ‘ice cream & sauces’. So there’s something for pretty much any occasion here.

The recipes are written in a clear and simple style, that even I can follow. Importantly, you don’t need fancy kitchen equipment to make any of the recipes either. I’m not a cook, but looking through this book, I’m tempted to try just about everything. I’ve not har a chance to make anything yet, but I’m definitely going to give a few some of them a go as soon as I can.

Highly recommended – and if you buy it direct from Chococo, your copy will be signed by Claire.

Chococo Chocolate Cookbook is published by Ryland Peters & Small. RRP £16.99.


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  1. For me the proof is in the pudding – how well the recipes work and how good they are! Let us know when you make one! 🙂

  2. Thank you for presenting this book — it looks well worth seeking out, and I’m all for books that take the mystique out of chocolate making — it’s so fun and delicious to play with chocolate that everyone with a kitchen should give it a shot!

  3. manuela

    Very disapointing, I dont think it compares to Paul Youngs book.

  4. rizzo

    I tried the “scrumptious salted caramel shortbread recipe” twice and it did not work. The caramel oozed out of it, or if I chilled it, I couldn’t bite through the chocolate. Really disappointing.

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