Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate By Jean-Pierre Wybauw

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Jean-Pierre Wybauw is a Belgian chocolatier, chef and teacher with well over 30 years experience in the industry. He has written several books, and publishers ACC Publishing were kind enough to send me a copy of the latest, imaginatively titled “Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate”.

This is a fairly small book, measuring just 17cm by 13cm with 192 pages with nearly half of them being full page photos. That means you could easily get through the whole book in half a day, and still have plenty of time to make some of the 40 illustrated recipes inside.

But although the bulk of the book is taken up with recipes, it also contains chapters detailing the various types of chocolate, its production, nutritional values and current trends. The book may be small, but there’s a lot of useful information crammed into it.

The recipes are particularly interesting to me, as they concentrate on the kinds of topics that would be of interest to aspiring chocolatiers than the average chocolate recipe book. There are simple recipes for all kinds of ganaches, patisseries and desserts, and although they don’t go into a great deal of detail, they are bound to inspire. I can certainly see myself referring back to it for ideas in the near future.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate is available from 28th September, published by ACC Editions. RRP £12.50.


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  1. hello there jean i love chocolate but if i eat to much i get belly ake but just to let you know i absolutley love chocolat

    your sincerlay
    james yates

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