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Chocablog Is Ten Years Old!

A decade of blogging about chocolate.

Happy Birthday Chocablog!

Chocablog is 4 years old today! Hooray! 4 years! Pretty soon we will be old enough to go to school and before you know it we’ll be in detention for snacking behind the bike sheds – and other illicit activities …

Happy Birthday Chocablog!

Chocablog is three years old today! Yay! Over the last three years we’ve posted 691 posts, received 3,151 comments (not including the 87,344 spam comments we deleted) and gained 2,100 rather lovely subscribers. We love you all. But unfortunately, once …

Happy Birthday Chocablog!

Chocablog is two years old today! Yay! It doesn’t seem like two years. If it wasn’t for the fact that my body weight has doubled, I wouldn’t have believed it myself. But it’s true. Over the last two years we’ve …
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