Happy Birthday Chocablog!

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birthday cake

Chocablog is three years old today! Yay!

Over the last three years we’ve posted 691 posts, received 3,151 comments (not including the 87,344 spam comments we deleted) and gained 2,100 rather lovely subscribers. We love you all. But unfortunately, once again, we only have enough celebratory chocolate cake for ourselves. Sorry.

I’d personally like to thank everyone that has contributed to Chocablog – both the writers and you, the readers. You have made it an incredibly fun thing to do.

But.. we’d really like to grow even bigger in the next year, so we need your help. Here’s a few things you can do:

  • Subscribe to our RSS feed or daily email version. That way you’ll never miss your daily dose of chocolatey goodness!
  • Follow us on Twitter and add us on Facebook, if you’re into that kind of thing!
  • Blog about us! If you’ve got your own blog, a quick post letting your readers know how chocolatey we are would be a wonderful birthday gift for us! You know we deserve it, we’ve been really good this year.
  • Tell your friends about Chocablog. Go on. Go and tell someone about us right now!
  • Comment on more posts. We know a lot of you just like to read (and look at the pictures), but getting involved in the comments is fun and brings the Chocablog community closer together.
  • Speaking of community, visit our Chocolate Forums and join in! If you’ve anything chocolate related to say or a question to ask, then that’s the place to do it!
  • Go out and find interesting chocolate and tell us about it. We love getting suggestions for reviews from readers, and where we can, we’ll try and track down your favourite chocolates for review.


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  1. Happy Happy Birthday to inspirational chocolate lovers!!!!

    Thank you for Chocablog!

  2. Maggie

    Happy birthday, Chocablog!
    I know I haven’t been here long (though I’ve read quite a chunky bit of your archive), but I wish you all the best and most chocolatey!

  3. Happy Birthday to Choca Blog…..YEAH……..

  4. Andrea

    Happy Birthday Chocablog – keep spreading the chocolatey word

  5. Adriano

    Happy birthday Chocablog!…and I’m waiting for the birthday’s cake rewiew tommorrow,don’t even try to think to avoid it…

  6. Happy Birthday Chocoblog. I look forward to your daily posts, and thoroughly enjoy your reviews, opinions and keeping us in the US abreast of the chocolate world on the other side of the pond. Great job. Keep it up.

    Mark Boxshus…….”Boscoe The Cookie Doctor”

  7. I’ve already eaten two Cadbury Creme eggs to celebrate 🙂

  8. Kikishua

    Happy Birthday – long may you munch.

  9. river

    Happy Birthday. No need to send cake, I can make my own. Mmmm, mud cake with ganache frosting.

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