Happy Birthday Chocablog!

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Chocablog is 4 years old today! Hooray! 4 years! Pretty soon we will be old enough to go to school and before you know it we’ll be in detention for snacking behind the bike sheds – and other illicit activities no doubt!

Back in 2006, I certainly had no idea I’d still be doing this – and loving it – four years on, so I’d particularly like to thank all the contributors and chocolate makers that made it possible. But most of all, I’d like to thank you for reading, commenting and contributing to Chocablog. It makes it all worthwhile!

If you love Chocablog as much as we do, please take a moment to become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We update both regularly and they’re great ways to keep in touch.

And yes… that is our actual birthday cake… I’ll be reviewing it soon. Seriously.


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  1. Mariangela

    ….and many happy returns!!!
    Thank you for all the your chocolate reviews!
    Kisses form Italy!

  2. Andy

    It’s mine too! Don’t eat it all at once 🙂 I’ve got this years Excellence box from Hotel Chocolat to look forward to tonight.

  3. laura

    What a coincidence, its my youngest daughters 4th birthday today too!!!! Wow….

  4. Maggie

    Happy birthday to you then, and many choccy returns! 🙂

  5. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Happy birthday to Andy and Laura’s daughter! Hope you get LOTS of chocolate!

  6. Simon

    Happy blogging birthday! Here’s to four more.

  7. Louise

    Happy 4th Birthday! 😀

  8. Happy birthday! I’ll have to figure out a way to celebrate.

  9. Amy

    Happy birthday!!! I might be a noob (read newb not nob because…well that would just be rude) but I already love you guys! I thoroughly enjoy visiting and leaving comments in my wake especially when you guys comment back because it doesn’t feel quite so lonely out here *sniff sniff*
    P.S. LOVE the Flakes on top of the cake!

  10. Happy birthday! Domestic Sluttery is one this month, website birthdays are a huge achievement and very exciting 🙂

  11. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Thanks Sian – DS already looks WAY more grown up that Chocablog. 🙂

  12. Congrats guys! It is a very big milestone. I can see why you’ve lasted so long, tonnes of people love choc and your writing style is brilliant! I can’t say I’ve been here very long, but I’m reading through every page since the beginning!

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