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Das Exquisite Apfel Strudel

Apple Strudel flavour milk chocolate from Germany.

Godiva Caramel Apple Pie Truffle Bar

Apple caramel in milk chocolate

Zotter Christmas Crackling

Christmas flavours wrapped in Zotter chocolate.

Organicfair Canadiana

Writing for Chocablog has changed me. I used to be able to enjoy going to places and not spend my time digging around in shops obsessively looking for unusual kinds of chocolate, but not any more. Now I spend every …

La Francomtoíse De Confítureríe Apple, Coconut & Dark Chocolate Jam

A while back, I went on somewhat of a European long weekend road trip sort of thing through Spain and France. On the Saturday, we drove all day and ended up in the rather scenic town of Dijon. The next …

Nestlé KitKat with Ito En Vegetable Juice

Simon and I both had one of these ‘Vegetable’ flavour Japanese KitKats, so we thought we’d both give our opinion on it… Simon’s Take The first surprise comes when you split open the wrapper and discover that the contents are …

Harmony ‘Rype’ Fruit Centres

The ex-high school English teacher within me tends to avoid buying products that deliberately mis-spell common words, so I had seen these ‘Plantation Rype’ boxes for a while before giving in and buying some. The ‘Rype’sters eventually won me over …

Dolfin ‘Summer Memories’ Apple Crumble

Chocablog stalwarts will no doubt remember the heroic efforts I made in reviewing no fewer than eight Dolfin ‘taster’ bars last year. I was already well aware of Dolfin’s fine products, and finding that so many of the bars I …
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