Godiva Caramel Apple Pie Truffle Bar

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This little bar of chocolate appears to be a fall offering. I have been trying to keep up better with Godiva, more specifically with the items like this that non-Godiva stores now carry. So here is what you’ll get out of this bar.

It is a part of the Truffle Bars line, which means that it is a small 43 gram bar that breaks into four squares (a 4G network, if you will), each with truffle filling inside. The two or three dollar price tag is a premium compared with other “on-the-shelf” offerings, but isn’t that about how much one (maybe two) Godiva truffle will cost you in a boutique? It’s up to you if the Truffle Bars are a value or not.

Breaking into one of the four G’s, you will find that the “smooth caramel apple filling” is of that nature where it is essentially liquid that doesn’t flow freely (which can work out to be a positive). It’s seasoned well with apple and cinnamon, although I think it’s debatable whether or not the caramel sense is strong enough. It’s on the subtle side, but then again, would too much caramel make this too sweet? The spiced flavorings aren’t overly strong either; in this case, however, they sit at a nice level.

What the tempered filling means is that the sweetness of this bar is basically just coming from the milk chocolate. I’ve spoken about Godiva’s milk chocolate before, so I won’t go into it too much. It makes for the mellow accompaniment to the filling, adding a level of casualty. One more thing to note in comparing a Truffle Bar to an actual truffle is that I do believe the chocolate to filling ration is larger here. Especially around the edges of the squares, there is an extra bit of chocolate that isn’t paired up as evenly with the filling.

I suppose my overall opinion is favorable, even if there isn’t much to swoon over. This is a pleasant chocolate for a fall afternoon. It’s sweet, it’s warm, it’s momentary, and the bar (including the size of the squares) is just the right size for either keeping to yourself or sharing.


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