Das Exquisite Apfel Strudel

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Das Exquisite Apfel Strudel

Even if you don’t speak German, you’ll probably have no trouble figuring out what “Das Exquisite Apfel Strudel” is.

Das Exquisite is a brand of German retail chain Rossman, so it’s no surprise that this bar falls squarely into the ‘supermarket chocolate’ category. In this case that means sweet milk chocolate with a sugary filling.

That said, the chocolate itself is a healthy 35% cocoa solids (as compared to something like Dairy Milk, which hovers around the 20% mark), and as you can see, it looks rather attractive.

Das Exquisite Apfel Strudel

The chocolate is pleasant, if not out of this world, and the filling is… interesting.

While there’s certainly an appley edge to it, it’s more of an apple flavoured confectionery cream with an alcoholic kick rather than something like the puree that I was hoping for.

It’s ultimately a little disappointing, and a quick glance at the ingredients reveals why. It contains hazelnuts, cinnamon liqueur, rum and Calvados, but no actual apple. The flavour comes purely from the alcohol, which is a little disappointing.

Das Exquisite Apfel Strudel

At only €0.99 for 100g, I guess it was asking a little much for it to contain real apple. As it is, it’s not an unpleasant bar, but it’s really only going to appeal to those who like sweet liqueur chocolates.

Based on looks alone, I had high hopes for this bar, but with no actual apple (other than that in the Calvados), I can’t exactly recommend it as an “apple strudel” flavour chocolate bar. Best spend your 1 Euro on something else.


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