Dolfin ‘Summer Memories’ Apple Crumble

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Chocablog stalwarts will no doubt remember the heroic efforts I made in reviewing no fewer than eight Dolfin ‘taster’ bars last year. I was already well aware of Dolfin’s fine products, and finding that so many of the bars I tried were in fact rather lovely means that I now have a little ‘Dolfin-recognition’ reflex when browsing chocolate shops.

Well, I was in Athens airport of all places when I clocked a couple of new bars in a display of Dolfin chocolate, so naturally I snapped them up. A new twist is that this is, apparently, a limited edition for 2008, ‘entitled’ Summer Memories (possibly a slightly optimistic name for a chocolate bar given the appalling summer weather we endured last year).

‘Apple Crumble’ also had my mind ticking over. Were Dolfin trying to recreate a classic English dessert, or was I taking ‘crumble’ out of context?

Well, what we have here is a blend of Dolfin’s excellent 60% dark chocolate, apple, hazelnuts, sugarcane and (of course) a little cinnamon. The chocolate contains tiny (no, tinier than that) fragments of what seems to be freeze dried apple, and the dark chocolate is given a rich sweetness by the additional sugar cane. I believe that this is another first for me – apple and chocolate – and I found it very palatable indeed. Dolfin have, true to form, blended their chosen ingredients together in a masterful style, and in doing so have managed to come up with yet another uniquely flavoured bar to tempt us with.

Of course it’s well worth looking out for. Yes, it tastes fab. Unfortunately I have no idea how long this will be around for. It’s one of four that are being made available for this year only. Exact dates prove elusive, so my advice would be “if you see one, buy it”. You can’t really go wrong with Dolfin chocolate, If you like the sound of what the wrapper tells you is inside, it seldom disappoints.


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  1. This looks wonderful! I hope I see it somewhere.

  2. Wow, I’ve never heard of an apple/cinnamon/chocolate combination either. What a shame it’s a 30g block and not 100g, eh?

  3. That one totally missed the mark for me. Perhaps I didn’t think that the dark chocolate and freeze dried apple flavors really went together. (But I’m also not a fan of pear and chocolate either.)

  4. Any idea where i could get this from in the uk??

  5. Simon

    Cybele – Strange you should bring up Pear and chocolate. It has proved elusive in the UK but recent excursions mean I’ll be reviewing a couple of pear bars very soon.

    James – Sorry old bean. The best I can offer is to have a look at – they sent us the Dolfin review bars.

  6. Interesting twist. I like it

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