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World Duty Free Whisky & Chocolate Tasting

We spend an evening in the company of whisky & chocolate.

Goldkenn Jack Daniel’s Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate with Jack Daniel's

Twice The Vice – The Gentlemen’s Club Collection

Exceptionally boozy chocolates from Santa Monica.

Thinking Chocolate

We try the famous Haggis Truffle

Bowmore ‘Magic Happens’ Whisky Event

A very strange evening of whisky and chocolate.

Paul A. Young Selection

A new selection from one of our favourite chocolatiers.

Zotter Scotch Whisky

Whisky and chocolate combined. What's not to love?

Paul A. Young Valentine’s Selection

Time for more Valentine’s chocolates, this time from the always awesome Paul A. Young. As you’d expect from Paul, everything looks amazing, so I just thought I’d show you lots of pretty pictures.

Zotter Choco Shot Whiskynol

We always knew Zotter were a bit bonkers, but this is pushing things just a little. As you can see, it’s a syringe full of a chocolatey liquid. It comes in packaging designed to look exactly like a real medicine, …
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