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The other (better?) half had a short holiday in Sydney with her sister recently, and came back bearing gifts of chocolate.

The “Delicaseys” range were apparently what was available at the local shops, so she had to buy some. I’ve been doing a little reading of their web site – which does not tell you a great deal about each, but the photographs are fantastic!

The gift for the two teenage vultures was the Orange Bliss – and according to the web site this is the original product that got the show on the road, some 10 years ago. Casey writes:

“Through years of self-taught experience, I’ve managed to learn about the properties of chocolates and how to infuse it with specific flavours. In the beginning there was only one signature flavour, Orange Bliss, which was sold at Manly markets.”

Because this was a present for the vultures, I’ve been greatly restricted in how much I can try – but of course the camera doesn’t eat any so photos are not a problem – apart from the long suffering looks and the sighs of “Oh do you have to do that?”

Chocolate orange can range from excellent to awful depending on the chocolate, and the orange, how the two are married together.

Being packed in a paper sack, these do get a little knocked about in transport – as the white scuff marks show. However, that’s a minor matter and easily overlooked.

The first thing that smacked me around the mouth on tasting this was that the orange flavour has gone through the chocolate – it’s intense, floral, and fantastically delicious. The chocolate is pleasantly dark, which is good because too much sweetness would not work with orange.

As the chocolate melts away it exposes the candied orange inside. This is something that can also be messed up easily if the orange is too small, too crunchy, or too sweet. This is none of those. The orange inside is generous in size, full of flavour, not too sweet, and still soft. It’s hard to describe the texture of that orange – perhaps a little like a cheddar cheese (but obviously with none of the flavour!). This candied orange is exemplary – great flavour, great texture, great “bite”.

If I’d been allowed to, I would have scoffed the lot in a single sitting. These are marvellous, fantastic, excellent. I can’t recommend them enough. Get some and try ‘em!


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