Vivani Organic White Vanilla

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Time for another bar from Vivani, and this time it’s a very simple organic white chocolate with flecks of vanilla.

This is very different from the last white chocolate I reviewed. The disturbingly sweet Milky Bar Raisin & Biscuit seemed to be made predominantly from sugar, with added sugar, palm oil and a bit of sugar. This bar contains just four ingredients:

Cocoa butter, whole milk powder (40%), raw cane sugar, bourbon vanilla.

There’s no cocoa solids percentage listed, but given that the second ingredient accounts for 40% of the bar, there has to be at least that much cocoa butter. And it’s refreshing to see sugar coming below them both.

The high cocoa butter and low sugar content of this white chocolate makes a huge difference to the bar. For a start, it’s very soft. It “bends” rather than snaps.

The lower sugar means you can actually taste the cocoa butter too, although it has to be said, the dominant flavour is vanilla. The end result is something that tastes not unlike a nice vanilla ice cream.

Yes, it’s sweet, but never overly so. It doesn’t get sickly if you have more than a couple of squares. That does have the unfortunate side-effect that it’s a little too easy to find yourself scoffing it, then feeling horribly guilty for liking a white chocolate.

Maybe that’s just me. Suffice to say that if you’re a white chocolate fan, this is one worth seeking out.


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  1. Is leaving a comment outing myself as a white chocolate fan? This looks really good, your photos and description now have me on the lookout for one of these.

  2. Ana

    Bought my first Vivani bar today. Milk chocolate with almonds.

    It’s funny how my “radar” works. I wouldn’t have paid attention to the Vivani bars if I hadn’t remembered reading some reviews about them.

  3. Rachel

    I tried this for the first time today and my bar had a good ‘snap’. I’m a dark chocolate lover (100% cocoa included here!) and I love this stuff too. Wish I’d never tried it!

  4. I love the color combination of this one! The two shaeds of green really make the pink pop out! And they match your little painting so nicely too 🙂 Love it!

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