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Vivani Chocolate Selection

A selection of organic chocolate bars from Germany.

Vivani Vollmilch Waldbeer Crunchy

Milk chocolate with granola from Vivani.

Vivani Ganznuss

Organic milk chocolate with hazelnuts

Vivani Organic White Vanilla

Time for another bar from Vivani, and this time it’s a very simple organic white chocolate with flecks of vanilla. This is very different from the last white chocolate I reviewed. The disturbingly sweet Milky Bar Raisin & Biscuit seemed …

Vivani Feine Bitter Cassis

One of the things I like most about this job is when a company whose products you’ve written about sees what you’ve written and decides to send you a big box of chocolate. It’s not just the free chocolate (no, …

Vivani Praliné

I’m having one of those days. Trying to write software that runs on different versions of Windows – and I’ve hit a stumbling block in Vista. As it seems, one does. The Chinese curse applies doubly so to Windows Vista: …

Vivani Crisper and Espresso Biscotti Bars

Vivani is an Italian-sounding brand name for a German chocolate manufacturer and I found two bars lurking in my local corner store and was keen to try them. Their very informative website has as an English-language film clip that states …
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