Venchi Vanilla

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From Italy, and from the makers of the (frankly inedible but definitely unusual) Absinthe chocolate comes this milk chocolate flavoured with vanilla. As you can see, being Italian it comes in a very stylish wrapper – perhaps not as ornate as the Absinthe bar wrapper (Which I recall as being particularly lovely) but a very attractive one nonetheless.

At 31.7% it’s a little low on the cocoa content for European chocolate, and does veer towards the ‘style over substance’ cliché. It’s very sweet, and whilst the vanilla goes some way to enhancing the overall flavours of the cocoa, it lacks any real cocoa flavour. I seem to find myself remembering the wonderfully complex cocoa flavours of Cocopia’s Ghanaian milk chocolate, and this doesn’t even come close.

I have to say that I am a little disappointed in my Venchi experiences to date. Both bars have failed to live up to my expectations. There is a third (and again very different) bar awaiting my attention. I hope it goes some way toward redeeming Venchi in my eyes.


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