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Venchi Chocaviar

Beads of 90% dark chocolate from Italy.

Venchi ‘Cuba’ Praline Cigar

Here’s something a little unusual, and certainly one up on the sweet cigarettes we used to have as kids. One hundred grams of dark and milk chocolate with a praline filling, made by Venchi (purveyors of inedible Absinthe chocolate). Certainly …

Venchi Vanilla

From Italy, and from the makers of the (frankly inedible but definitely unusual) Absinthe chocolate comes this milk chocolate flavoured with vanilla. As you can see, being Italian it comes in a very stylish wrapper – perhaps not as ornate …

Venchi Absinthum

This bar has been asking to be reviewed ever since I bought it home. Why do I say that? Well, mainly because it has such a powerful smell that I have been made aware of it every time I open …
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