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After reading Simon’s Twix White review, I spotted this variety. Apparently, it’s been around here in the US for a while, but I’d never tried it.

The format is the same as a standard Twix, but with peanut butter instead of caramel and a chocolate biscuit instead of a white one. The peanut butter smell instantly reminds you of a Reese’s Cup, but there’s a difference. Reese’s tends to be on the greasy side, but the biscuit part here protects against that. It also adds an element of crunchiness, but I still find I prefer this new experience to Reese’s. It isn’t bad on its own, either, if the sugar doesn’t bother you.

There’s barely any chocolate taste hiding in there, though, but that’s okay since Twix doesn’t claim chocolate extremes. It’s only the addictive flavors and textures that carry this one through.


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  1. annabelle

    Bruv where did you find this?!
    I already worship the peanut butter kitkat and wholly support the introduction of more chocolate-peanut butter creations to the UK market.
    That is all.

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Annabelle – this one’s from the US, although you might be able to buy some online through Amazon (the link above) or other online sweet shops – just check to see if they deliver to the UK.

  3. Oh I wonder if I can find it in Canada, it really seems yummy, I just love peanut butter! mmm

  4. They are fabulous. Much more satisfying than a simple candy bar.

    What’s odd is that Peanut Butter Twix were around years ago – I used to get them out of the vending machine in college – but then they disappeared. Only to reappear in the last couple years as a “new” Twix bar. Now Wikipedia says that they may be discontinuing them again – so get them while you can! (of course, not all wikipedia info can be trusted so…)

  5. Jon

    Here I am 3 years later, myself getting them out of the vending machine at my college. 🙂

  6. SarahLund

    Nice 🙂 *drools*

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