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I purchased this in Spain but the wrapper is printed in German and I’ve yet to see this albino Twix in the UK. Perhaps it’s going to be a ‘Snow Twix’ Xmas gimmick? Oh, and if it wasn’t before but it is now, please pay me for the idea!

As you can see, it’s a Twix, but covered in White Chocolate. I haven’t had a Twix in a good while, and I’d forgotten just how sweet they are. I certainly couldn’t manage the second bar.

Sugary biscuit base topped with overly sweet caramel, and now available with an even sweeter white chocolate coating!

It’s a nice twist on an old favourite. Or another way to keep selling product without having to invent something new. Probably a good stocking filler, or a neat way to put a roof on your Manger Cake. Not for me though.


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  1. Angela

    You can get these in the UK I bought 4 for a £1 from Poundland last week, very sweet but very nice.

  2. Simon (Chocablog Staff)

    Thanks for that helpful comment. I wasn’t sure if they were here in the UK or not.

  3. i would really like to try this one so shall be keeping my eyes peeled when i go shopping

  4. Annabelle

    I’m a twix addict but can almost taste the overly-sweet white stuff just by looking at the picture… I’m sure it’s worthy of a taste test though!

  5. river

    I find regular Twix a bit too sweet, so I’ll be staying away from this one.

  6. Maggie

    A tad too sweet for me. I love caramel, but I prefer it combined with some fine, dark chocolate. As white choc bars go, the white Kinder Bueno is much more delicious.

  7. Jamie

    This was a imited edition about 3 years ago in Ireland. They are sweet and they were to die for. I havent seen them since and will be looking in poundland for them now.

    I shipped 4 boxes from Dublin at the time. I love twix and loe white chocolate. Peanut Butter twix is also very good too.

  8. Camilla Latham

    Can someone give me the web address, as they have stopped doing them in the uk. as the white twixs were my fav.

  9. Laura

    OMG!!!!! I have never seen this. PLEASE distribute to US. This looks delicious!!! I love white chocolate and twix…that combo makes my mouth water.


  10. I live in the Netherlands, en they even sell them here! Ooohhh, i lóve these candybars!!!

  11. aqlex

    just have a full spoon of sugar……same sensation

  12. SarahLund

    I’ve never seen these. I think I’d like the White chocolate ones, better, as I’m not keen on the milk chocolate, on the original one’s. The milk chocolate is too sweet, or tastes like it’s gone off. These one’s may help the flavours blend a bit better.

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