Starbucks Espresso Truffles

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Back to coffee again.

Although these truffles are really very different from the Mocha Dark Chocolate bar. Being espresso, the coffee lends a dark, rich tone. It’s much nicer infused in the filling, becoming a very part of the chocolate, than in pieces. The extra smoothness of the truffle form adds a nice gentleness.

They’re delicious… but with a certain level of success reached, there are new levels of standards. When these taste so nice and look presentable, I find a problem. The word “truffles.” Such a sacred word it is, evocative of either moist, smooth, and rich beings like the Joseph Schmidt chocolates or divine and handmade rustics rolled in cocoa powder.

After having tasted these and the Starbucks Chai Truffles I believe the word is used a bit too liberally. But, good news, that’s my only complaint.


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  1. Debbie

    I tried these today, about 10 minutes ago, and I almost threw it up. Maybe if you put them in your coffee and let them melt, they may not be as bad. If you are just looking for a nice espresso dark chocolate, try Ghiradelli.

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