Starbucks Chai Truffles

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Being curious to sample more from Starbucks, I fed a recent obsession with Chai tea by picking these out. There were ten total truffles. The box-container they’re in is unique, and while it wouldn’t be great for a present, it suits for everyday. Like the bars.

Each truffle is wrapped in a copper-orange with a light pattern. Inside, you’re greeted by a strong chai smell, sweetened a little by the chocolate. Amazingly, it looks just like the picture on the package. It’s not all the time that that happens.

The outside milk chocolate is very tender, and though fairly thick, it gives way to white filling (where the chai is contained) quickly. The two accent each other very nicely: the strong next to the sweet. This time, I agree that milk is better, with its creaminess suiting perfectly. An intense dark chocolate added to the chai would be too much.

So if you’re partial to chai, you’ll love these. If you don’t like chai, don’t even consider them; the taste is strong. But it’s another good showing from Starbucks; sure, not the most spectacular, but still good.


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  1. why!

    Maybe I should give these a second chance…when I had them they tasted like rotten milk!

  2. Fred

    Well, I gave them a chance. The taste of the tea was not bad. Actually it was interesting and somewhat pleasing. BUT, the chocolate left a lot to be desired. It was very waxy tasting. Not creamy at all. I even got a crunch out of one. But they still had a paraffin taste and texture to them. If you are used to this type of chocolate, then it may be an experience for you. If not, go with the chocolates you know.

  3. Sarah

    Oh, I haven’t met ANYONE who doesn’t love these. I’m absolutely addicted to them and have been since the first time I tried them – and I normally hate chai!

  4. Tricia

    I did not care for these at all. Chocolate and Chai tea just do not go together from my point of view.

  5. Mariette

    Nobody tasted the cardamon inside? That is even more pronounced than the Chai tea. They are too sweet for me but the cardamon makes an interesting blend with the subdued Chai tea.

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