Starbucks Mocha Dark Chocolate

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The last of the Starbucks bars, and also my favorite, just had to bring in some coffee. When you unwrap it, wow, coffee is just what you get. I couldn’t smell the chocolate at all.

Once it’s in your mouth, they blend together well. The coffee is definitely there, but it isn’t overpowering, either. One odd thing was that it was present in little, tiny bits. Usually they’re bigger, but these seemed like the “Guatemala Casi Ciel” ground coffee had just been casually dumped in.

Not that I minded. I like to suck on chocolate, and when it has big pieces of coffee beans or anything else, they often get in my way. So I like this more. The chocolate appears to be the same one as in the Dark Chocolate bar, but with the coffee here, its sweetness is toned down to a more humane level.

Not bad, Starbucks. Not bad. Although I can’t help but wonder if it’s a coincidence that the most promising of these three is the one with coffee. Is it because that’s what Starbucks does best?


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