Skelligs Baby Fig & Rum Chocolates

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The Skellligs Chocolate Company were the original “most Westerly chocolate company in Europe” before they joined forces with Cocoa Bean Chocolate, and I seem to recall a baby fig chocolate with Jameson’s Irish Whiskey being one of their prizewinning products.

As you can see, these handmade chocs come in a rather attractive little box, wrapped in a ribbon and finished with a tag that tells potential buyers exactly what to expect.

I’m very happy to say that these do not disappoint on any front. The milk chocolate is a healthy 33.9%, and the moment you pop one into your mouth you know that the fig inside has indeed been steeped in a healthy amount of dark rum. The alcoholic taste runs deep in these, but it never takes away from the creaminess of the milk chocolate, and when you start to sink your teeth into the baby fig (and they are indeed very small, succulent little things) the three flavours unite in mouthwatering harmony. I had an actual Homer Simpson moment as I tasted my first one!

Skelligs Chocolate seem to look after the ‘posh’ side of the operation, as evidenced by their packaging and products (they sent along some other rather lovely looking samples, of which more soon), and the choice of fig and rum is an inspired one. Definitely for adult palates, and definitely a lovely looking gift – for someone else or just as a treat – these are truly delicious little chocs. My first taste only left me wanting more, and I’m trying to resist the temptation to finish off the box too quickly, preferring to eke these out by restricting myself to a couple at a time.

Skelligs chocs are available either online or if you’re in the UK you’ll find them at Harvey Nichols (poshness indeed!) and I’d seriously recommend tracking down a box of these delightfully boozy balls of loveliness.


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