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Rogers Chocolates Icewine Truffle

54% chocolate with a Canadian icewine filling.

Rogers Artisan Assortment

An artisan selection from Rogers of Canada.

Rogers Chocolates High Tea Bars

Rogers’ Chocolates have been around for a long, long time and as a result it is hard to think of them as anything but a very traditional chocolate company. And considering their line-up of tinned chocolates and their Victoria Creams, …

Rogers Canadian Art Collection

Please welcome Chocablog’s new Canadian correspondent Michael Edwards with his first official post from Canadaland…. Considering that Rogers Chocolates have been making chocolates for more than 100 years, they have a considerable roster to choose from. Most of their standard …

Rogers Chocolates Victoria Creams

Guest Chocablogger Michael Edwards is back with more Canadian goodies… Rogers Chocolates have been a mainstay in Western Canada since 1885. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, they make a more time-honoured range of chocolates including their signature Victoria Creams, a …
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