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I’m something of a fan of wafers, I must admit. My favorites are the cheaper than cheap bright pink strawberry wafers from dollar stores and Loacker’s irresistible squares of Quadratini Wafers. KitKats aren’t bad, either, though my interest in them has gone down a bit after tasting foreign-imported ones instead of the inferior Hershey’s kind we have here in the U.S.

Now, if I take wafers as a sort of guilty pleasure, the combination of them with the Reese’s formula makes sense, as Reese’s Cups have also been known as such on Chocablog. In theory, such a thing as these Reese’s Sticks would be able to combine the addicting texture of wafers with the Reese’s taste. Yet I don’t find myself drawn in by the actual product.

The recipe consists of three layers of wafer with two of peanut butter, all dipped in Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. It seems more buttery than either a Reese’s Cup of KitKat, though you would think that the added texture would only keep the flavors grounded. What I realize as I eat these is that the texture of Reese’s Cups means much: greasy and crumbly, at once, it offers something the sticks do not.

They’re also most indelicate sticks, being thicker than KitKats. That brings more to light the poor wafer quality. Having said that I love dollar store wafers, I obviously don’t care much if the wafers themselves are poor, so long as they’re put together in a way that works. The well-made Quadratini Wafers are, I believe, four or five layers of very thin wafers, which creates the most perfectly addicting texture. Not at all the case here, where the wafers are thick and bland with little else to make up for the fact.

Further, the chocolate is a small percentage of the whole, and being Hershey’s, it only adds to the buttery and sweet taste. The saltiness of the peanut butter is there, but it comes in too late to help. It just isn’t the same when it’s coming nearly as an aftertaste.

I don’t have the love for this combination I can sometimes claim for Reese’s Cups. What works there doesn’t here.


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  1. Ana

    I can certainly understand why you like those Loacker wafers – they’re among my favourites as well.

  2. alexy

    i say, my favorite candy is the Reeses sticks, and when i eat them the flavors to me mix in very well ,now if the Reeses sticks are stale there is no doubt that the Reeses sticks will not be as enjoyable, they would be very blan like you said, but the fresh pack is very good,sometimes i would put it in the refrigerator and let them get cold so i can get an extra crispy taste and feel, and i know no such thing as the peanut butter after taste,well i believe it all comes just in time, but i respect your theorie on the Reeses sticks, it might have been a pack gone bad, but i know i savor every time i bite into a Reeses peanut buttery wafer stick.

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