Reese’s Cups

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Reese’s Cups

Finding Hershey’s stuff in the UK is still quite rare, but last time I reviewed a Reese’s branded chocolate, I was pleasantly surprised. So my expectations were a little higher with this than when I bought the Nutrageous bar.

Now I know Peanut Butter Cups are an American institution, but I’ve never seen them in the UK before – and I don’t think I ever even had them when I was living in the States, so this is a first for me.

Reese’s Cups

“Cups” are like little cupcakes of milk chocolate with a peanut butter filling. They even come in a little paper case. They certainly look quite tasty and well made.

The peanut butter filling is very smooth, very light, very nutty and – unfortunately – very, very sweet. It could be delicious, but like so many American chocolates, they seem to have just gone overboard on the sugar.

The sweetness of the peanut butter kind of overwhelmes the chocolate, to the point that you can’t really taste it. But I suspect it’s only there to hold the filling together anyway.

If you can get past the sweetness, these are quite tasty… I’m just not sure I can get past it. I was initially disappointed that there were only three cups per pack, but having eaten all three, I don’t think I could manage any more. They’re just too sweet.


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  1. river

    I tasted these several years ago and was terribly disappointed. I expected the filling to be peanut butter and instead it was that awful stuff you’ve described.

  2. I actually love them I used to sit down and eat a whole bag o the miniature version while watching movies at home, but later I grew tired of them, after eating Godiva chocolates I don’t see chocolate the same way.

  3. I went to Taiwan for a summer a few years ago, and while I was there, completely lost my taste for all candy bars (American or not), with a few exceptions. The Reese’s Cups I usually buy taste more salty in the middle than sweet. But still, they’re not made of either high-quality chocolate or high-quality peanut butter. Every once in a while I try a candy bar I haven’t had before. Last month I had the Elvis-commemorative banana-flavored Reese’s Cups, which were so sweet I could feel the back of my throat burning. Before that, I tried Jaffa Bars, which I swear nearly killed me. I don’t understand how anyone could eat that much sugar. I quit at a fourth of a package.

  4. You definitely want to try the miniature ones, they are much better!

  5. past

    In the US they only come with two per package. I love them.

  6. There so good, and healthy as well because of the Protein from the peanut butter, you got to try them..!

  7. Reese's

    I only just started eating them though!

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