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Nestlé MiloMilo – the powdery malty-chocolate stuff you mix in with milk – is very popular here in Australia. It’s a different mixture from what I remember getting in the UK – less powdery and a lot more crumbly and packs a real chunky punch in a milk drink. As a kid I tended to bypass my mother’s instructions of only two teaspoons per glass of milk and would instead fill up half the glass with Milo, ending up with a wickedly delicious ‘mud’ mixture that was heaven on earth.

Also, during university I remember knocking on my best mate’s door and opening it, to catch her red-handed leaning over her Milo tin with a heaped spoonful half way up to her mouth. I’m happy to stake my left butt cheek on the statement that every Aussie would have resorted to eating it straight from the tin during times of sheer boredom or when there was no chocolate in the house.

About ten years ago, the Nestlé folk released it as a chocolate bar. The bar is essentially compressed Milo encased in a nice milky chocolate layer and has the scatological attractiveness of the Chokito. But – wait, there’s more – as they say on the shopping channels.

Yes, contain yourselves dear readers, but the Milo mixture is studded with chocolate-flavoured rice crispies and there’s a small layer of caramel (not unlike the Star Bar mentioned a couple of blog articles ago) resting reverentially on top of the Milo. The perfect yin and yang combination in my view.

The overall effect is firstly a pleasantly chewy malty-chocolate sensation followed by a few delightful rice crispy crunches and a tingle of caramel before the chocolate coating seals the deal. At 50g, the inner pig that has been carefully nurtured inside of me always squeals for another but if I can find the 80g King-Sized version then we’re both reasonably happy. If there was a way of coating the bar in something un-meltable then they would be ideal carbo-rich food for hikers and bushwalkers. Or indeed, desk jockeys.

These are definitely one of my favourite every day snack chocolate bars to buy and are one of our ‘quiet achievers’ in that they are rarely advertised but are available in every deli and roadhouse in the country as reliable sellers. There’s an entire row dedicated to them in our uni café so the students must be constantly fortifying themselves with the lovely logs in an effort to enhance their study breaks to avoid them entirely.

If you see one, buy it. And eat it with a glass of fresh, ice cold milk for the perfect flavour combination. In fact, buy two.


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  1. Argh I hate you! I was about to review this tomorrow!

    Ah man, what am I supposed to do now…?

  2. Actually after reading this tomorrow I’m still gonna review it, because I’m not from Australia, had never heard of this brand before, and will hence have a different look on it.

    But still…what bad luck.

  3. Sorry Terry! Still, you SHOULD try it – I just hope it’s using the Aussie version of Milo otherwise you’ll end up with a mouthful of brown dust!

  4. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Definitely review it Terry – and feel free to post a link in the comments here. It’s always good to have multiple opinions!


    There you go. Not nearly as long because I didn’t feel the need to go into incredibly long indepth background info on the bar, I just took it as it was.

  6. Kylie

    My friends and I had a debate over this bar – did they change the recipe a little while after it was originally released? I remember the Milo filling bit being a lot more like the Wonka Fudge bars that were out a few years ago, and a lot less like the good ol’ crunchy Milo…


  7. Adrian Wymer

    I’ve said it before on Cybercandy and I’ll say it again, the new bar sucks. It’s awful compared to the old bar. The new bar is just mushy chocolate crackles with a bit of milky bar thrown in. The old bar consisted of super dense compacted milo goodness.

  8. kristi

    I am going to try and make a bar like the original milo bar, any suggestions?

  9. Tasslehoff

    Maybe try adding a tiny tiny bit of egg white to help bind it together only a suggestion though.

  10. can you tell me or anyone how much energy the bar has, saturated fat, total carbohdrate and sugars becasue i need it for school work wich is due next week.

  11. please tell me or else i will die. this is my last question. can you tell me where you would find these information that would help me. thanks for trying to help.

  12. bex

    Ok Guys
    There could be a major problem – Milo Bars are disappearing from all the supermarket shelves! Does anyone know if this means they have stopped making them? I am totally addicted to them and can currently only get a king size bar at the local IGA. (However I have been informed that they are nearly out of stock too) Safeway (Woolworths) & Coles are no longer stocking them! I say save the Milo Bar! This is badly addictive chocolate yumminess!!!!!

  13. Al

    Anyone else think it is similiar to a 100 Grand?

  14. Supers

    They’ve changed the Milo Bar – again!
    This one tastes totally different to the previous two versions. It’s now a “Milo chocolate brownie, smooth caramel and crunchy Milo balls covered in milk chocolate”. Average at best.

  15. Jess

    The original was the best, I wanna lobby Nestle to change it back. I never buy the new ones coz I hate it, its basically Chokito. How wants to join me….

  16. Dijana

    I want the original Milo Bar back, I loved that it tasted like Milo and nothing else, not this extra crap they’re packing in with it, now you can hardly taste the milo at all, boooooo!!!

  17. Martin Milobar

    Thanks for naming your best candy bar after my family name, Milobar. I will definitely be buying some for my family. Our name originated in Croatia, Yugoslavia for your information. I am told that there is an area there full of Milobar families.

  18. Nicolas

    Im a student from Sydney and Im studying Advertising,
    We have a work to do on the Milo bars (the knew ones) but I hardly find anything about thoses bars..
    Im asking you help, anything you knw about thoses bars such as:

    When where they created? (The first ones and then the new product so much hated!)
    Key features about the product
    Anything else about Thoses bars is welcome !
    Thank you for any help,
    Email for contact :
    Nicolas Godefroy

  19. I am so disappointed you’s have stop doing milo bars. they are so yummy,and i look forward to having them. If I you you’s where going to stop making them and selling them I would have brought heaps and freeze them so i had them. Please bring them back so,so, yummy.

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