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ChokitoNestlé Australia manufactures the Chokito chocolate bar which has been around for as long as I can remember (which at least stretches back to 1975 begging my mum to sew tartan on the bottom of my jeans in homage to the Bay City Rollers). It’s one of those classic bars that is sold everywhere from vending machines to newsagents and yet, unlike Kit-Kats and Mars bars, people are rarely spotted actually eating one.

I do, however, and thought it was high time to eat another in the name of explaining to those out there who have yet to do so.

A few of my friends find them extremely sickly because the inside caramel filling is gluggy and granular rather than flowing or chewy and has a strong taste of condensed milk about it.

That may not sound attractive, but it works. It must be something to do with the surrounding layer of rice crispies which is then coated in a thick, sweet layer of milk chocolate. I recommend that this be tried with a cup of coffee, hot tea or glass of iced cold milk to counteract (or complement, as is my view) the taste-bud tingling sugar rush. In fact, so sweet are they that it’s one of the few bars I wouldn’t be able to manage eating two of (that’s a sentence I never expected to write).

There’s a dark side to the Chokito though, and by that I don’t mean the type of chocolate: they are often used as joke props in acting circles. Aussie champions of the Chokito are also very quick to assert that the ‘poo in the pool’ scene in the late 1970s movie ‘Caddyshack’ starring Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield is a shameless copy of a much older Aussie tradition.

Rocky, an actor friend who has appeared in various Aussie movies, advertisements and on stage, tells me that it’s a tradition to ‘float a Chokito’ if there is a scene involving water. “There I was, trying to wash out the stains of murder on my hands as Macbeth – Out out damned spot – when lo and behold I find a naked Chokito fetchingly resting at the bottom of the basin. It took all of my concentration to refrain from turning around and saying, ‘Aw Dennis, I know it was you, you mongrel,’ and instead get on with the scene.”

…Perhaps that’s why I never catch anybody eating one!

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  1. Rod

    Chokito is also made by Nestle in Brazil, it’s my favourite chocolate bar. I now live in Canada, but always ask my family to bring me some when they come visit.

  2. ashley

    who is the man that stars in the current chokito TV commercial ?

  3. Jo

    My husband and I recently discovered that we both favoured the Chokito in our NZ childhoods so we went searching online for them. The box arrived and we sat down with a Flat White and half a Chokito each. Sadly it wasn’t the heavenly bar we so fondly remembered. Something has changed. Is the chocolate coating thicker and now drowns out the crunch of the rice crispies?

  4. Andre

    I just googled Chokito to try and find out where it comes from originally, since it’s produced by Nestlé only in Switzerland, Australia and Brazil. I Stumbled onto this cool post of yours and realized that I had just eaten two Chokito bars in a row. With no coffee or milk…

  5. Jon

    Only ever tried the Australian Nestle Chokito, but I thought it was great!! Love the crunchy rice pieces.

    Anyone in the Australians in the UK I have found a good website where you can but them online. Try

  6. Dennis Bollom

    does anyone rember the chokito ad with the hush group “chokito really gets you going” how can i get a copy??

  7. I remember the original chokitos’ with delicious fondness, and although the new chokito is made using a new formula, I love it. They are so yummy, I can scoff down 4 in one sitting. I tell a lie. I can eat 5.

  8. Jenni Purdey

    Chokito’s were my 1985 pregnancy craving. Loved these bars then and love them now.

  9. Marlowe

    How much did they cost in the 1970s?

  10. Chokito

    I just ate one for the first time and it was delicious

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