Nestlé KitKat Little With Chilli

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Nestlé KitKat Little With Chilli

It’s Japan week on Chocablog! Why? Because we said so!

Also, because the lovely people at J-List sent us a big box of chocolatey fun from Japan.. and because Simon has been acquiring more goodies from his growing circle of Japanese “contacts”.

First up, little cubes of KitKat with chilli powder. Awesome.

I wish I could tell you more about these, but unfortunately, pretty much all the writing on the pack is Japanese. But I can tell you they have 188 calories per 35g… and they’re a really funny shape…

Nestlé KitKat Little With Chilli

They take the form of 1cm cubes with rounded edges and a little dimple in each face. The finish is slightly glossy, so I’m not sure if they’re finished with a thin shellac coating, or if it’s just how they’re made.

The milk chocolate is standard Nestlé fare and nothing to write home about, but that’s to be expected. Inside, we have what looks just like normal KitKat wafer, and indeed on first tasting you probably wouldn’t notice much difference from a regular KitKat.

Then the heat starts to creep up on you. And it builds to quite a reasonable level for a mainstream chocolate. I’ve had much hotter chilli chocolates in my time, but this still packs a nice kick – certainly enough to warm you up for a few minutes.

And you know, I really rather like them. They’re moreish, but you can’t eat them too quickly without breaking into a bit of a sweat, so even a little pack like this lasts a while.

I would love to see something like this sold in the UK. As you’ll see during the course of this week, KitKat is something of a national obsession in Japan, and they have some of the wackiest flavours you could imagine. But something as simple as a bit of chilli in the every day KitKat bar and I would go out and buy them regularly. Go on, Nestlé… you know you want to.


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  1. And in Australia too, please! This is one of the only Japanese kit kat flavours I’ve heard of/tried that I think could go beyond novelty value to repeat purchasing (along with the kinako and matcha ones, I think). Chilli and chocolate is le awesomeness.

  2. My daughter sends me Kimchi Chocolate from Seoul.

  3. Does it really have chilli in in?

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