Nestlé Golden Rough / Mint Pattie

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Nestlé Golden Rough / Mint Pattie

Like the Wagon Wheel, Chomp, Polly Waffle and Violet Crumble; Golden Roughs and Mint Patties have been around for as long as I can remember (at least 35 out of my 40 years). However, I couldn’t remember when I’d last tried one. Therefore it was time to renew a friendship not thought about since the late seventies.

At only 20 grams each, they’re ideally positioned as a snack for sensible dieters (not me) or for children (me, at least some of the time), so I thought I’d try ‘em both together. The Mint Pattie only slaps me with 2.1 grams of fat, whereas the coconut-laden Golden Rough slathers another 6.7 grams onto my thighs, but I’ve dealt with bigger boys than these two. Plus, I have a treadmill……

Firstly, the Golden Rough. Like a lot of dessicated coconut bars it has an almost chalky and moist feel on your teeth when first you bite into it, but it tastes sweet enough and the flavour of the coconut is decidedly present. Taste-wise this is nothing special and is probably only a big-seller due to size because serious chocophiles who also love their coconut would be better placed buying a block of Whittakers. The ingredients also show that it’s nothing special – sugar first, followed by roasted coconut (20%), vegetable fat….*sigh*, yep so it’s compounded chocolate. No wonder there’s no ‘covered in a thick layer of delicious milk chocolate’ flowery advertising descriptor on the front of the pack.

Nestlé Golden Rough / Mint Pattie

Sadly, the Mint Pattie was even worse – what do they say about not being able to go back? It tasted like a flattened mintie or an ultra stale marshmallow soaked in mint essence before being steam rolled and then coated as thinly as possible with a smeary, oily layer of compounded chocolate. Maybe it’s for the best that they aren’t generous with the chocolate – ingredients include chemical delectables such as emulsifier 492, gelatine, food acid, emulsifier 476, enzyme (invertase) with traces of wheat starch. Yum yum!

You’d be better off buying your kid a Milky Way or a Mars Bar than this stuff.


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  1. Oliver

    Ah Kath… We sail in the same ship in life, stopping off at old ports we used to visit to revisit old memories. However, like Porta Viata in the Love Boat, it’s never the same. Captain Stubin, Gopher and Isaac are all retired, and Julie just doesn’t seem to do it for me anymore…

    So it is with food today. Instead of Love Boat chocolate, we now get mostly CSI chocolate. Dissected, analyzed, and regurgitated into something that is meant to be entertaining, but lacks any romance or real substance. Don’t even get me started on low fat, no fat yoghurt… This is true crime.

    If Wagon Wheels and Golden Roughs and Mint Patties were sent to Fantasy Island for a weekend, they would find themselves again, rediscover their roots, and come back to us with Mr Roarke smiling and nodding appreciatively at their miraculous transformation.

    “Ah Mr Rough, Miss Pattie, do you enjoy yourselves this weekend?”
    “Oh yes, Mr Roarke, it was wonderful!”
    “And what did you learn?”
    “We learnt that we need to stay true to ourselves, and never compromise ourselves, or each other.”
    *Golden Rough and Mint Pattie smile sweetly at each other*
    “Very good. And don’t watch that CSI crap. It will rot your tastebuds. Tatu – fetch the plane!”
    “OK Boss!”


  2. Beautifully said, Oliver!

  3. slim jackson

    there ??appears to be a huge shortage of golden roughs at the moment. cannot find them anywhere. have they gone out of production ?

  4. suzie

    I used to love mint patties sooo much, bought a few lately when I have been travelling but devastated. pathetic, thin, no marshmellowly feel, small, small, small. what happened, product should now come with its own microscope so you can see it. however, the price goes up. wont be buying anymore, killed the childhood favourite. Nestle, dont you know,…when it aint broke dont fix it, but you broke it. now fix it you greedy buggers.

    • Nicholas Woodhart

      I still like them but agree about the size. I was searching to find the size in 1971 and couldn’t find anything. Been ten yrs since your comments if you are still around!

  5. Peach

    Mint pattie all the way 10/10 . Golden rough 1/10

  6. Jeff Ahern

    Amazing,cadbury Arnott nestles completely buggered up some of there best sellers.No doubt by some new management trying to make their mark.At least Arnotts realized their blue with the savoury shapes cadbury well I have not purchased roses for 2years probably never will.I hate to say it but eat Kiwi chocolate.oh I forgot there behind the changes at cadbury

  7. Nicholas Woodhart

    I still like them but agree about the size. I was searching to find the size in 1971 and couldn’t find anything. Been ten yrs since your comments if you are still around!

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