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Aussie Chocablogger MillyMoo takes a look at another delicacy from down under…

This is a real rarity for me – being lost for words (generally) and during the task of describing a classic chocolate bar (even worse) that’s been around for at least four decades. We have enjoyed the Polly Waffle here in Australia for at least my entire lifetime (38 in human years; 380 in chocolate ones).

Polly Waffle

This is a difficult delicacy to describe – kind of the chocolate version of our iconic deep fried chico-roll and about as old (in origin, not manufacture or use-by date). It is a long tube of marshmallow encased in an ice-cream-cone crunchy waffle which is then dipped in a generously thick layer of chocolate.

Where the ‘Polly’ part of the name comes from is steeped mystery – I’ve spent hours wondering about it – no, not really, just the second or two it takes me to rip open the end of the wrapped and and stuff PW into my mouth to crack through the coating and into the hidden white pillowy depths inside. Maybe Polly was the chocolate-maker’s daughter or wife, or dog; or it just sounded kind of quirky in front of ‘waffle’. Anyhow, the phrase ‘polly waffle’ has been used in tacky Aussie Rules Football commentating circles to describe time wasting by players. “He’s busy polly-waffling with the ball because none of his team mates are able to lead out in front….”

At 50grams in weight it is slightly on the bigger side of the standard chocolate bar and is considerably longer than average due to the lightness of its main ingredient, the mallow from the marshes (on a side note, it reminds me of the infamous nude fight scene in ‘Borat’- this bar is the size of Borat’s optimistically censored out – errmmm -‘Love Truncheon’).

Putting Borat completely out of our minds now and back to the original subject: I have tried to use the Polly Waffle has been used to fool myself psychologically. For example if I am truly ravenous, am dying to eat chocolate yet still want to be able to view my own belly button I go for a ‘big bad boy’ like this in an attempt to convince my stomach and eyes that they have imbibed the equivalent of a tree trunk. Size does matter in the case of Polly Waffle

If that doesn’t work, I just inhale another. After all, it is mostly marshmallow and they’ve got less fat in them than the average chocolate bar…

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  1. Chocstress (Chocablog Staff)

    I really can’t get the Borat image from my mind now – and I really am trying! This was going so well too – I like the sound of this Polly-Waffle and what a great name!! I think I might get a budge or a rabbit just so that I can call it Polly-Waffle 😉

  2. Darwinsmom

    Reading your post I feel like Homer Simpson drooling over a Duff beer commercial! I got hooked on Polly Waffles during a trip Down Under in 2005. Ever since I returned I’ve tried to find a source for these delicacies here in Canada – but no luck! A Polly Waffle – a Polly Waffle – my kingdom for a Polly Waffle! Okay, I don’t actually have a kingdom, but I would kill for a Polly Waffle!

  3. Lozz

    Polly Waffle is being discontinued 🙁 no more are being made.

  4. Rae Morris

    If you discount the Polywaffle (one of my favourites) I will not buy Nestle products in the future. Why not promote the Polywaffle better. I don’t care too much for the Kit Kat especially the “New bigger bettre Kit Kat” I don’t think so.

  5. Julian Wearne

    I am saddened that Polly Waffle is being discontinued.
    Sales are apparently not very good. Hardly surprising when the product hasn’t really been advertised in the past 10 years (at least, it might be longer).

    I’ve noticed since it’s been announced that they will be discontinued all the stores I used to buy them at in the Melbourne CBD have sold out (there weren’t many anyway as no where seemed to stock them).

    Come on Nestlé, you have a great product that is an Australian icon of chocolate. Just advertise it, buy some decent shelf space in all the 7-11’s and watch sales skyrocket.

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