Cadbury Chomp (Australia)

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Cadbury Chomp

This is a blast from the past. Chomp bars were everywhere here in the late seventies and eighties and were one of the cheapest chocolate bars you could buy. Still are in fact and a mother at my daughter’s school confided that these are her favourite naughty treats.

‘Confided’ is the right word because she’s probably about 25 years too old for the main Chomp target market unless she has a liking for cartoonish wrappers featuring a deranged mechanical dinosaur on the side and only seven measly percent cocoa solids.

This secretive mother is also on the trim side, so maybe I should not have been surprised to see how stingy the chocolate coating was on the bar when it was unwrapped. Half of it was so thin it was already cracking and falling off.

Then again, a glance beyond the cartoons revealed that it’s covered in the dreaded C word. No, not carob, but compounded chocolate. Still, I chomped on. It tasted chewy and sweet with a hint of salt in the caramel mix, building up to a powerhouse of sweetness that had me reaching for a glass of water. Or two. The chocolate was the least noticeable aspect being comprehensively overtaken by the intense sugar punch that was so mighty it made my fillings ache.

There’s supposed to be some wafer in there somewhere, but like the confounded compounded chocolate it was completely lost amongst the challengingly chewy caramel filling that left a slight metallic after taste.

This is best left to the kids, or better still, avoided entirely unless you’re completely starving and don’t have enough money to buy a better bar. In which case, wait until you get home and eat some better quality chocolate and encourage your kids to do the same. Life is too short to waste on a painfully sweet second-rate mess that still throws nearly six grams of fat at you even though it’s only a tiny 30 gram bar.

Not surprisingly, Cadbury don’t exactly put their brand anywhere prominent on this label, instead hiding their identity in miniscule print just about the sealed fold at the back. In even smaller print, they write: “Cadbury Means Quality.” Nope, not in this case it doesn’t.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I’ve not had one, but I’m fairly sure that’s quite different from Chomp in the UK. I guess I’m going to have to find one now…

  2. Get the kids eating the 70% 🙂

  3. Lara

    Very different from UK Cadbury Chomp. I love those. Again, for kids, but a lot thinner and rather moreish in my opinion.

  4. Christine

    Ah the memories! I loved these as a kid as they were insanely cheap. I vaguely remember a mint version and some kind of a raspberry or strawberry flavoured one as well. Or am I losing it?

  5. silvermage2000

    Yikes that sounds way to sweet and not enough chocolate even for me and I do not mind sweet chocolate.

  6. i’m gonna get more to my kids they really loves the power of the sweets,,,,so yummy,,

  7. Yeah I’d love to see if the UK Chomp is the same. It often surprises me how Cadbury can make such different-tasting products even when they’re under the same name and label.

  8. Loz

    Dont go ragging on the Chomp!

    Its fantastic. As an ex-pat aussie I was having serious Chomp cravings – imagine my delight at discovering the Nestle Drifter – pretty much exactly the same thing. If you want to try a chomp but are on the wrong side of the world, just snack on one of these.

    …now if only the UK could give me an equivalent to a Cherry Ripe and a Strawberry Freddo I’d be in heaven

  9. James

    Don’t bag the chomp.
    Chomps are the best, chewy but not too chewy and none of those pesky nuts they seem to like putting in things with caramel and
    you can buy 2 for less than the price of a regular chocolate bar.

    Here is my tip for Kath, if you want good chocolate then go and buy good chocolate, did you really think that for $1 you were going to get a gourmet chocolate.

  10. Sienna

    I just had a chomp and i can say there was enough chocolate, its wasnt flaking off, i could taste the waffer, my chomp was perfect and every time i have eaten a chomp it has been perfect

    i love chomp
    and so do many other people i know

  11. Hayley

    I remember strawberry, mint, caramel (remaining flavour), chocolate and banana flavoured chomps. Why they got rid of the other flavours is beyond me! Also, is it just a perspective thing, or did chomps used to be longer? I love chomps, you can taste to wafer in a chomp far more than you can a picnic so I don’t know what your on about and I have trouble with some sweets giving me toothache and I can tell you chomps don’t do it. Violet crumbles and picnics are on the list of those that do.

    Chomps rock! 6g of fat for a 30g bar is nothing compared to the 12g of fat you’ll be putting in your body if we listen to you and reach for 30g of the 70% Lindt!!!

  12. Allan

    You, my friend, are a novice of the chocolate game. The Chomp is hands down the greatest chocolate bar of all time and was twice voted Time Magazine’s most Influential Chocolate. The Chomp inspires, liberates and unifies – whilst providing a taste sensation. Name one other chocolate bar that does that?

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