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This is the second of my South African purchases, and this one comes from Nestlé.

The packaging describes it as “creamy marshmallow on a crisp wafer”, and being a fan of all things light and fluffy, I had high hopes for this.

Unfortunately, it seems to have been damaged somewhat in transit. I’m not sure, but I’m starting to think all these chocs have been imported from South Africa in someone’s pocket.

Given the nature of this bar (soft filling with a thin layer of milk chocolate) and the fact that it has travelled at least 6000 miles to get to my tummy, some squashage is inevitable, but that shouldn’t affect the taste. And Chocolate Log doesn’t taste anywhere near as nice as I had hoped.

What I was hoping for was something like a large Milky Way Crispy Roll, but stead, the marshmallow taste more like a very soft version of the nougat in a Double Decker. In theory, that should be pretty good, but in practice it’s just a bit sickly.

The wafer and the milk chocolate are fine. Standard Nestlé fare. But the slightly odd flavour of the marshmallow spoils what could have been something great.

Oh well. 2 South African bars down, 3 more to go. Things can only get better, right?


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  1. Wafer and marshmallow? Sounds dry and tasteless.

  2. megan

    Not my favourite but i still love it 🙂

  3. claudine gurriah

    what a sensation

    a mouth watering chocolate

    love it…………

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