Malagasy Mora Mora

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Malagasy Mora Mora

Another bar from the Malagasy chocolate company, this 73% cocoa chocolate bar won a Silver Award from the Academy of Chocolate and is described as ‘a true origin fine chocolate’. Like its sister bar, the Sambirano, the cocoa beans for this bar are grown, dried, fermented and processed in Madagascar. The Malagasy website has more information about the range of products and ethics.

Malagasy Mora Mora

As you can see, this bar has all the classic hallmarks of top quality chocolate. It’s glossy, with a deep reddish brown hue. The scent of it is all top end cocoa notes, citrussy and slightly woody with undercurrents of richer flavours to come. On the palate it’s a slightly different story. The chocolate is very quick to melt, beginning with a slight bittersweet note which is followed by a wave of dark cocoa flavour. It has an excellent mouthfeel and delivers lots of rich, full flavour without ever becoming heavy or cloying in any way. At the finish it remains light on the palate but full of taste – in other words classic ‘posh chocolate’.

Chocolate produced this way (and following the Equitrade ethos) does of course come with a fairly hefty price tag – you won’t be buying two or three of these a week to nibble on after lunch – but if you’re partial to a square or two of exceptional dark chocolate, then this is well worth checking out. After all, the AOC don’t give out awards for no reason, do they?


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  1. And who are these ‘Academy of Chocolate’ egg-heads, anyway?

  2. Simon

    I think the AOC was just started up by someone who loved chocolate. Odd, eh?
    Don’t knock ’em though – we may yet become affiliated in some way!

  3. diwakar

    frm where i get this choclate……..

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